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Western Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (WTAAC)

Success Stories

Dental Alloy Manufacturer

This company specializes in the production of gold and palladium based dental alloys and the distribution of porcelain, investment, and other materials used to manufacture dental restorations.

During the 2 years prior to certification, the company suffered reduced product lines annual sales due to increasing foreign competition. As a direct result, annual sales in those product lines decreased 4% to $11.4M from 2003 to 2004, with employment decreasing 6% to 27 during this period..

The company with assistance from the University of Southern California’s Western Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (Western TAAC) became certified as trade impacted by the US Dept. of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA) in February of 2005.

Western TAAC and the company's management developed a strategy to specialize in the manufacture of high quality dental alloys and increase distribution of private label dental products and resale of related products, while expanding and their customer base, one that values a high level of customer service. The strategy will focus on continuing to improve its manufacturing technology, efficiency, and cost competitiveness, acquiring the quality certifications required to maintain and expand markets, upgrading the supporting capabilities of its information system, and advancing its sales, marketing, promotion capabilities, and customer service to attract a wider market.

The company is in its 6th year in the implementation phase of the TAAF Program. During this period the company, with Western TAAC assistance, implemented two quality management projects, one production engineering project and one information technology project. Since beginning its public/private sector partnership with the TAAF Program, sales increased 39% to $31.8M, the company was profitable for the 7th continuous year and productivity improved 45% to $1,223,307 sales per employee.

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