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Western Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (WTAAC)

Success Stories

Cable Wire Assemblies and Harnesses,
Mechanical Assemblies and Box Building of
Electronic Systems manufacturer

The company is a contract manufacturer of cable wire assemblies and harnesses, mechanical assemblies and box building of electronic systems

In September 2002 the company filed a petition with the Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration, claiming injury from import competition from Asia, primarily China and Taiwan, and to a lesser extent from Mexico. Under these circumstances the company was certified to participate in the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms Program on October 31, 2002.

Western TAAC and the company’s management developed a strategy to design and manufacture more complex, higher-end wire cable components and assemblies while expanding and diversifying its customer and industry base. The strategy included identifying a wider base of customers as well as continuing to increase its operating efficiency and reducing its overall costs.

The company has finished its 8th year in the implementation phase of the TAA Program, and has successfully implemented one information technology project, one production engineering project, and three quality management system development projects.Since beginning its public/private sector partnership with the TAA for Firms Program, sales increased 69% to $11M, employment increased 40% to 94 employees, the company was profitable again for the 6th consecutive year, and productivity improved 21% to $117,021 sales per employee.

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