DISSERTATION Time structures

Koehler Bibliography

Santa Fe Paper: Time and Simulation

Disasters are Space-Time Tricksters

The Chronocomlexity of Actionable Intelligence

Disaster Responses Are Space-Time Kludges

Brief History of Decision Support Systems

Part1 Event Streams As Flows

Part2 Event Streams As Flows

Design Science in Information Research Hevner Presentation

Understanding Conflict in Virtual Teams: An Experimental Investigation using Content (Souren Paul et.al)

Design Science in Information Research (ISWorld)

Qualitative Research in IS (Michael Myers)

Researching MIS (Allen S. Lee)

 Persuasive Computers: Perspectives and Research Directions (BJ Fogg)

A Design Theory for Systms That Support Emergent Knowledge Processes (M. Lynne Markus)

An Information Systems Design Theory for Web-Based Education (David Jones:et.al)

Design Research (wikipedia)

Understanding Conflict in Virtual Teams


Massively multiplayer online game (wikipedia)

Virtual Economy (wikipedia)

Towards a Design Theory for Community Information Systems (Alde de Moor)

Towards an Information Systems Design Research Framework:A Critcal Realist Perspective (SVEN A. Carlsson)

The Formulation of an Information Systems Design Theory for e-learning (David Jones)

Beyond the Productivity Paradox: Computers are the catalyst for bigger changes (Erik Brynjolfsson: Loein M. Hitt) 

Learning Objects

Connecting learning objects to instruction design theory: A definition, metaphor, and a taxonomy

Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects

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