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Key elements of the iProduction facility 

Production and the Digital Camera
Online/Offline Editing
CGI/ Digital FX
Sound/ Foley
Machine Room
Film Scanning/ Recording
Sound Stage
Screening Room
Customer Services

images courtesy of, Warner Bros & Artisan

iProduction will boast the latest in digital technologies for film and video production. Using the latest technology in digital cameras, smart building construction and advanced IT networks, the iLab will advance production into the 21st century.

We have created what we call our vision of what the Studio of the future will be. Everything from the digital cameras to digital projectors being used, iProduction will study and test the latest in high tech equipment.

Please take a moment to learn more about iProduction or you can jump straight to a section of our studio and learn more about what it will take to have the studio of the future.

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