The iLab  

"Smart" Tools to Aid Development of Tooling and Production Strategies

Comprehensive, Physics-Based Models of Process and Network Models of Systems

Better Decision Making Capabilities to Improve  Optimization, Agility, and Resilient Enterprises and Supply Chains

Exponential Increases in Computing Power that is Capable of Dealing with New Layers of Manufacturing Complexity

Web-Based Tools for Improving Development and Reduction in the Life-Cycle Costs of Intelligent Embedded Systems in Manufactured Products


The key to Intelligent and Integrated Manufacturing (IIM) is the application of advances in software, controls, sensors, networks and high performance computing (HPC) to compliment the goals of the Networking and Informational Technology Research and Development Program (NITRD) set by the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC). 

Studies indicate that design and analysis tools continue to mature quickly, far outpacing progress in manufacturing in process tools.  Existing manufacturing capability is not adequate to support the advances from software tools within other disciplines.  NASA and the aerospace community are interested in advancing capabilities for comprehensive life-cycle manufacturing techniques that exploit modeling and simulation tool and virtual environments in order to accelerate manufacturing process development.

ETTC address these requirements by facilitating the application of R & D in critical manufacturing process areas.