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A small list of the many service that we provide. Details on these and a complete list of services can be found throughout or web site.

New Product Identification Turn government research results into practical, commercially relevant technological tools for your company. Our staff will assist you in translating the language of research into the speech of the marketplace.

Licensing Opportunities Receive assistance in obtaining a licensing agreement or license your own patent. Cooperative research and development agreement with Federal Laboratories.

Business Development Deciding which direction to focus your company can be a very difficult and complex issue especially when there is inadequate information. Proper preparation can eliminate many of these complex issues. Our business development staff can help identify issues which usually make the difference in the long term health of your business.

Funds Sourcing Funds sourcing has become a much more complex issue in these times of recession, cutbacks, and streamlining. Now more than ever, the approach can mean the difference between success and failure. Our staff can provide information from numerous sources: Venture Capital General Partnerships (Syndications) Commercial Banks Investment Bankers Incubators SBIR Funding

Organizational Networking Government funding, even at its most robust can be difficult, time consuming, and restrictive. Organizational Networking gives businesses an opportunity to fund mutually beneficial projects together.

Needs Assessment Give your company the edge that just might make the difference between success or failure in this relentless arena of world competition. Our staff will assess your situation and make suggestions that will bring you closer to your goal.

Technology Problem Solving The most critical step in problem solving is defining the problem! The Far West RTTC technical staff will systematically seek to define and clarify the entire of your problem by asking appropriate questions designed to uncover specific information relevant to your problem. Accurate definition can lead to more practical, cost-effective strategies for locating a solution.

Engineering and Research Alternatives Your company need not suffer from lack of experience or knowledge in specific technical areas. The Far West RTTC provides your organization with expert resources to provide hands on assistance with the technical development of your project. These experts may be available through the Regional Technology Transfer Center's network, NASA Laboratories, other Federal Laboratories, universities and private industry sources. Some of these experts may be utilized as project managers, consultants, through company-to-company strategic alliances or through cooperative research and development agreements (CRADAs).

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