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People make the ETTC different, perhaps better, than other knowledge transfer organizations. We use our staff's combined experience in many diverse fields from accounting to urban planning to pass information and opportunities on to our clients.

Technology only travels at the speed at which it is moved, whereas knowledge can traverse thousands of miles at the speed of thought. While other companies fight to get to market in time, we train our clients so they can get to market on time, every time.


Publications provide printed evidence of thought processes, and the ETTC keeps journals, periodicals and annuals from the science and business worlds in order to help us do our job better, in any field which our services are and sometimes aren't required. We also maintain a vast repository of presentations giving by our staff..

We can help our clients utilize the thousands of resources out there, from the convenience of one report. It's that simple.


Property is the physical representation of what we do. Numbers, facts and figures all give you a sense of how much we do.

And much of what we do consists of transferring technology (the property) from government and private research institutes at NASA and beyond to our clients. We help small businesses find the research they need to get to market before the competition. We have gather a list  of resources and technologies available for licensing and partnerships in your technology showcase.

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