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Technology Showcase

The technology showcase is the Technology Transfer Center's destination for the research areas, project, and other resources that we have developed.
Technology Catalog
View the growing list of technologies from Federal Labs, University Research and Commercial Labs. Many of these technologies are currently available for licensing.
MOB / WOB Initiative
The TTC is committed to being a technology resource for  state and federal empowerment and enterprise zones (EP/EZ) in the FLC Far West Region ( 8 western states).  Minority and Women owned businesses need a partner in dealing with digital divide issues.  The TTC is dedicated to being that partner.
Commercial Assessment Process (CAP)
This is the TTC's FREE commercial assessment tool. Is the same standardized step-by-step approach the ETTC used to assist NASA identifying and evaluating market potentials. This capability is being used in several prominent business schools.   Learn how to use CAP 1 & 2 with the Commercial Assessment Process Guide.
iLab - building things smarter
The iLab is the TTC's vision of how High Performance Computing and High Performance Information Systems can have a positive  impact manufacturing, office buildings and entertainment if smarter dynamic processes are used to make workplaces and systems more productive and efficient.
High Performance Supply Chains
The  Technology Transfer Center's has been a  leader in the demonstration of high performance supply cahin principles for over a decade. New High Performance Information System (HPIS)  pipelines will lead the way in the new ways for supply chains to communicate, coordinate and cooperated. Supply Chain Campus



List of Technology Showcase Resources

  • Technology Catalog
  • MOB/ WOB initiative
  • Commercial Assessment Process (CAP) tools
  • ilab - Smart Buildings
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