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USC ETTC and the USC Marshall School of Business are partners in a newly awarded grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop the National Network for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (N2TEC). This NSF award, totaling $600,000 over two years, will be matched by another $600,000 from collaborating N2TEC partners, bringing the total program cost to $1.2M. NSF made the award to USC under its Partnerships for Innovation Program. USC will create and implement N2TEC as a national network to coordinate and provide a variety of resources and knowledge so that network users, particularly under-served schools and communities, can collaborate and innovate.

Nearly 80% of the United States does not share in the enormous wealth creation generated by technology innovation and entrepreneurship. The vast majority of the country is struggling to find ways to generate new jobs, new companies, and economic prosperity. Today about 40% of states fall into the EPSCOR category, meaning that they donít receive the levels of research funding that lead to technology commercialization and economic development that their non-EPSCOR counterparts do.

We believe that by transferring viable technologies, commercialization expertise, and resources from economically rich areas to communities that meet the N2TEC standards for readiness, we can create new companies, new jobs, and bring economic prosperity to the underserved regions of the country while positively affecting the economic health of the U.S. as a whole.

With the recent addition of the N2TEC Commercialization Portal, a proprietary virtual environment that supports collaboration and the sharing of resources, we are now moving into the second stage of development with the founding of a national institute devoted to bringing the wealth creation process to regions of the country that are not enjoying the economic benefits of high technology.

The USC ETTC is a founding partner of this organization and provides IT and web development support for the N2TEC public and commercialization portal.

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